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And just when I thought you were starting to understand.
I used to be on here all the time, venting about my feelings 24/7,talking about how depressed I am an struggling with cutting.I'm not sure if I stopped being depressed because my life got better or if I simply stopped caring about a ton of things.But I know for sure about one thing,I know I stopped venting so much on here because I know I can always come to you with anything.When ever I have the slightest issue or problem or really anything,I know I can always come to you

ife isn't about getting what you want
 it's about loving what you have and 
appreciating it

ove the heart that hurts you, but never
 hurt the heart that loves you

issing you is my hobby, caring for
 you is my job, make you happy is my 
duty, and loving you is my life

hen I'm in love, a simple hello from 
the one I love could make my gray sky
 turns blue

Dont waste your time on things that only hurt you,
and remember to forget those who forgot you.


e really don't lose friends. We just kind of discover
 who your real friends are.

Timing is everything stop telling me you're taking your time
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