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Quotes by xoxoRaveyxoxo

Sometimes I'm left wondering;

if you really ever cared? If i wasted 3 years of my life? I wonder if it could have ended differently?
                                                                    But most of all, sadly,i wonder
                                           if you were really ever the "true friend" you claimed to be? 

It's hard when you realize that your best friend isn't there for you, and that she doesnt care anymore. Its even Harder realizing that the friendship has passed and its time to move on. But in the end you know the show must go on....

And im still trying to figure you out
but all i can be sure of is that you confuse me!
And i just wish you would text me, cuz boy i need a sign
im losing faith and its not gonna be long and i will be gone
out of your reach forever, now or never..the choice is yours.

Its hard when you barely know a family member that dies.
You can only act like it doesnt bother you for so long.
But no matter how well you know a person family is family
and when their gone you do all you can not to cry
But its unstoppable.
Your gonna cry

I wish upon a shooting star,
One day i won't be as far,
In your loving arms i'll be,
If im lucky enough for you to see,
Just how much you mean to me...

Freshman Years..
Its the year where you never know what can happen
Between the friends and boyfriends lost
to the Confidence i gained through it all
Its a wild ride
but it took me right where i want to be
in a perfect reality
&&And Suddenly I Realized That There Was No Point
No Point In Trying To Get You To LIKE Me Again
Those Times Of ME AND YOU Are Long Gone
And I Guess I'm Finally Realizing
And No Matter What I Do
Those Times Aren't Coming Back
the more i think of you
the more i just want to tell you how i feel...
but i dont want to get rejected
and thats whats holding me back...
i wish you would just give me a hint boy...
Like a rollercoaster my life has had so my twists and turns,
so many moments when i thought it couldn get better,
when it couldnt get worse,
so many tears,
so many cheers,
To all  the good friends i kept, 
i just want to thank you for helping me through,
because lifes a struggle and without you i wouldnt have made it.
&& And i will never admit it to you
but i cried over you way to many nights
so dont expect me to change my mind
about him for you<33