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I am Kelly Ann, from mass. My friend Leanna Catherine inspired me to make an account on wittty.

I like;;

boys, good friends, cookie dough and moose trakcs ice cream, facebook, formspring, cheer even though i don't do it, nice people, hot guys, abs, music, chapstick, phoenix, lil wayne, kid cudi, funny people, bath& body works, the color pink, raw cookie dough, computers class, 3muskateers bars, milky ways, kit kats, resees, cherrys, my brother Nate, gay guys, witty profiles, sleep, soft things, sparkly things.

what i dont like;;

annoying people, people who lie too much, people who i dont like that talk to me, homework, bitches, 2faced people, coffee, baked macaronni, cherry chapstick, math, people who you thought were your friend, then they were like lol jk i dont like you, when people yell, when people put themselves down, when people put other people down, when people dont accept people.


Samantha Haleigh

Leanna Catherine

Cristinalyn T.

Hayden Reed



thankks for reading !

I L0VE YOU OHHSHANAPPP<3 the layouts she makes are beasttt.

soo yaah, i still love ohhshanappp so ima keep that there^. but anywhoooo, i fell in love with this guy thats 3 years older than me. and he wanted to go to the moviess and make out. so i was like yeaah sure, then like the day before i was like yeah lets not like makeout but we can just normal kisss(since i havent had my first kiss, cool.) so  he was like aight then i went to the moviess(to meet him there), waited for a while, went into the theatre with my friendd, and checked if he was there twice. he never came. cooool.
11/17/10 (I think its the seventeenth?)
So, me and the guy thats 3 years older than me are gonnna try that again cause he like couldnt find me or whatever i dont really care anymore. So yeah, on 11/19/10 were gonnna try to go to the movies again. lets see how this works out.
11/20/10 hahah, yuup ! didnt go to the movies, we never really planned it out. its hard to talk to him since i dont have a phone. the only time when we can talk in when we are both on facebok.uggh.
he now has a girlfriendd. fml. someone save me.

Quotes by xoxo_Kelly_xoxo

Girl- your such a pússy!
Boy- well you know what they say you are what you eat
Girl- Oh, if you are what you eat, it makes sense that your also a dÌck.

Why do guys on witty

always feel the need to call us beautiful?

Like, you haven't even seen me buddy...


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I just  want to  mean
s  o  m  e t h  i  n  g
 t  o        ♥       y  o  u
fave if you feel the same. 

She has known such great pain;;
haunted dreams as a child//the
near-constant presence of evil
ever since. She has felt the touch
of awful naked men, battled
depression and addiction and
attempted suicide. Her arms
remember razor blades, fifty
scars that speak of self inflected
wounds. six hours after I met her,
she is feeling trapped, two groups of
"friends" offering opposite ideas.
Everyone is asleep. The sun is rising.
She drinks long from a bottle of
liquor, takes a razor blade from the
table and locks herself in the bathroom.
She cuts herself, using the blade to write
"F*ck up" large across her forearm.
*instead of cutting yourself, write the word "love" on your arms.
love yourself. you are beautiful. no matter what.


what would I do w/o you?


My name is

Fake ho.
and I'm his girlfriend.

backgroud credit to mirandanicole77and itsjbx3

She never knew how,
how everything could turn around.
"She loved me with
a broken heart."
-Lil Wayne
Prom Queen.
I want to be just like you...
I wish my hair looked like yours.
I wish i was that gorgeous.
I wish that guys "liked" my photos on facebook.
I wish I had guys running after me.
I wish I was as popular as you.
I wish my makeup would stay the way I put it on.
I wish my hair would stay straight/curled.
I wish that I got letters from modeling companys in the mail.
I wish as was as care free as you.
I wish I was as social as you.
I wish I could have sleepovers with my friends for weeks at a time.
I wish people would stop and stare when I walk by...



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