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Quotes by xoxo_ellen

Kanye West broke my hand
because he thought Beyonce's was better.

        ~Jenna Marbles

It's funny how we cared so much about popularity...
because when you're older that's the last thing that matters

i remember those days when you either liked
Dylan or Cole Sprouse


so who else remembers that
blue sparkly

tooth paste 



Boy, tell her she's beautiful
your the only one she'll believe

really respect
 people who try to keep a convo alive

format xoitalian1016xo

Taking ongoolook
at a couple and thinking
welthat's not gonna last


hearing  the  best  song
a n d g e t t i n g t h e c h i l l s


                guys are always seen as the mean ones
the heartbreakers.
                they're not mean guyarjusstupid    ♥