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This gives me hope;

So this week is homecoming week at my school. Last Monday the homecoming court was announced. Homecoming king and queen is like a popularity contest at our school. 5 beautiful senior girls were picked and 5 senior boys were picked. But one of the guys pick was m.r (mentaly retarded).
I thought it was awesome that he made it into the homecoming court. So Wednesday we voted for king and queen. They announced the winners at an assembly Friday. He won.
When they announced him king the whole student body got up and started clapping and screaming. It gave me goose bumps! He got to stand in front of our whole school with one of the most beautiful seniors and was smiling from ear to ear.
This gives me pride in our school.


true story

     i still have thdreams sometimes
           you on my doorstep. with a suitcase but, not your entire wardrobe, just a douffle bag.
    we  Don'T  saanYTHInG
         »     BUT  YOU  HAVE  THIS  LOOK  IN  YOUR   EYES}
         that kills me.   it just...and   i unlock the door and let you in.   and that's it.
    THaT's THDream.
        » WHEN  I  WAKE  UP,      I  WAKE  UP  HAPPY.}
        vibrating for a few seconds, with my head in the sand, content.
                         THen IGoeawaY.
       cause it's cold out there.  but i do. i get up. life goes on.

Love +
- 1D
- Coner Maynard
- Jessie J
- Irish accents
- Olly Murs
- Rihanna
- Coldplay
- Ed Sheeran
- Pizza
- Panda hats
- Little Mix
- Adam Lambert
- Aiden Grimshaw
- Cher Lloyd
- Chris Brown
- Youtube
- Sam Pepper 
- Jack Harries
- Alfie Deyes
- Marcus Butler
- Eastenders
- Food
- Nandos
- British Accents
- Music

Sorry i was bored

This quote does not exist.
imagine if we're all still on witty in 70 years...
"just got another new cat..... YOLO."
"bought adele's new album, 91 today..."
"can i please have 84 faves for my 84th birthday? (:"


Did You Know...
Adele, Leona Lewis, & Jessie J all went to the same High School in the exact same year.


When I grow up, I promise to be thankful for:


   1) The taxes I pay because it means that I'm employed.    

   2) The clothes that fit a little
too snug because it means I have enough to 


   3) A lawn that has to be
mowed, windows that have to be washed, and  

        gutters that have to be
fixed because that means I have a home.

   4) The spot I find at the
far end of the parking lot because it means I am

        capable of walking.

   5) All of the
complaining I hear about our government because it means     

        we have freedom of speech.

   6) The people who
talk on cellphones in restaraunts because it means

        I can hear.

   7) The huge piles of
laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones   

        are nearby.

   8) The alarm that goes of early in the morning because it means I'm alive.   


Comment ones you think of!!


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one more time, I'm going to punch them.