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I feel bad for kids nowadays
that see a cool new toy on tv they want, but can't get it
because their parents have to be 18 or older to call

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"Witty just isn't the same anymore. I miss the old Witty :("

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Is Witty going green?,
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girl: i kinda like horses


  Clse your eyes,

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 When you walk out of your room in your  pajamas and there's   a guest in your          house                

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There's an airline called Virgin Airlines,
but I never use them. Who wants to fly on a plane that doesn't go all the way.


 Girls Like me.


When I was 13, the only guy I had ever liked, asked me out.

I was thrilled, in fact, I remember not being able to stop smiling.

He told me everything I wanted to hear, did everything I wanted to see.

In my eyes, he was perfect.

But 5 months later, he broke it off, like nothing was wrong.

His friends laughed and joked about how foolish I was to believe that someone like him would actually fall for a girl like me.

I was devistated, to the point where I would miss days of school to avoid the torture.

After all the nights of crying, my mom finally agreed to send me to my dad's house in Maine.

"2 years Bree, then you're coming home." I remember her telling me as I boarded my flight.

The day I left for my dad's house, I promised myself I would be a stronger person when I came home.

Not only that, but I promised myself that I would get revenge on the boy that broke my heart.

During those two years, I grew out my blonde hair, that now reached over half way down my back.

I ran two miles everyday, giving me the legs and body of a super model.

I turned myself into my ex boyfriend's deffinition of perfect, in hopes that maybe he would fall for me again.

This time though, he would be the one to end up feeling broken.

And now, here I stand, two years later, as a 15 year old.

In just 5 minutes, my flight would be landing back in California, back in the hell hole that I left 2 years ago today.

As we neared closer to the ground, I pictured all of my friends waiting for me at the airport.

Then, I pictured the look on Jake's face when he saw the girl that i've become.

When the flight came to a complete stop, I grabbed my bags and began making my way off of the plane.

"Bree!" Jaycie and Zoe shrieked, greeting me with a huge hug.

"I missed you guys so much!" I exclaimed.

They helped my bring all of my bags out to the car, and then, we began our journey back to my house.

"So," Zoe began. "Are you here to fall in love with Jake again?" She raised her eye brows teasingly.

"Hah." I let out a sarcastic laugh. "In his dreams."

I wasn't being cocky, just confident.

"Well from what I hear, he's excited to see you again." Jaycie sighed.

"Well, I guess we'll see." I muttered, noticing we were almost home.

As we entered my driveway, my mom anxiously pulled open the car door.

"It's so good to see you again honey!" my mom squeezed me.

"It's good to see you again too mom." I replied, a little embarrassed.

Then suddenly, another car pulled into the drive way.

"What's up short stuff?" Ryan laughed, hopping out of his car, along with Noah and Jake.

I laughed, greeting him with a hug.

Then Noah, and then Jake.

"It's good to see you again." Jake smiled slightly.

"It's good to see you, too." I lied right through my teeth.

I stared at him, taking in that familiar smile, and the mouth that lied to me so many times.

This Summer, I was going to show Jake how much stronger I have become.

I was going to show him what he gave up 2 years ago.

And most of all, I was going to show him why you don't mess with

girls like me.

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We're not perfect. Any of us.

We make mistakes, we screw up but then we forgive and move forward.

-The last song.


your d*ck is so small,
because you took 3/4 of it,
and shoved it into your personality.

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