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yooo whats up?
how are you? the names not givin', but i am athletic. i want to be a model by the time i am 16, and i want to go to college to be a doctor. i also want to have my own talk show. I also play a ton of sports: i am on the track team, soccer team, i golf sometimes, i am on the corss country team, basketball team, i go to training a lot, and i go to training camps in the summer. you could say i am pretty smart with B+'s or A's but i dont' really like school--except the social part. most people tell me i am gorgeous and i CAN be a model but i need to sign up for classes.
some other things about me are: I LOVE LIL WAYNE!!!! and i love his music. i mostly listen to rap, hip hop, and pop. i also love rihanna, and chris brown is going through a rough time so all you guys dissin him stop it. everyone goes through tough times and he is going through his. eventually everyone will love him again...including you! ;D
i am making a new account on witty but i think I'm going to wait to get one. if i don't give the new name out then figure it out ;) cuz im not to sure ill be able to make a ton of quotes on that one either cuz i ran out of ideas a while ago. anyway im going to make a new one
soon. make sure to comment and folllow and request while you still can on this account!

some other things about me are: i loooovvvvveee amusement parks. i love to travel and i love disney. i have been to Paris four times and ive gone to diseny seven. i also love ireland but i havent been there yet...sooon i hope!
i am also starting to like photography, and no im not a follower..its just people have been putting it on their about mes and i am starting to like it a lot more.
anyway..none of this photography is made by me, but i think its very pretty:
Black & White

Sunrises & Sunsets

z144277648.jpg Used. image by xxfallxoutxgurlxx
Paris-black--white_lrg.jpg Paris image by ballerinabutt1864

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