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Quotes by xoxobritt96oxox

Don't start making life plans with me. 
Don't name our kids. Don't choose our house, don't choose our pets.
Don't decide what college we're going to. Don't choose where we're
going to live. Don't talk about our wedding, and don't plan the flavor
of cake that we'll have. I just want to live in the now, because who
knows    what    will    happen    in  our    future.  Pretty    much    just
don't get my hopes up.</3 
I hate to admit it,
but my mom was right about boys. All they want is in your pants and down your shirt.
I had a dream about him last night.
We  were  together  again .  We  were  at  his  house ,  like  old  times.  Sitting
on his couch, hand in hand. Just hanging out, completely comfortable with
eachother. He asked me why I loved him. I thought about it for a second and
finally answered. "Well, for starters, you always tell me I'm gorgeous and know
exactly what to say and when to say it. You can make me laugh until it hurts &
you can change my mood completely when I'm at my lowest point. You're smart
and extremely cute, and deffinately romantic. Lastly, you love me for me." He
smiled, then kissed me.             Then I woke up,             and I cried my eyes out.

I miss those days.
& It's funny how
some  days  I  hate  him,  and  others  I  would  do  anything  to  be  his.
Boys are like gum;
good  for  a  while,  but  then  you  gotta  replace  them. [:

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If you love someone, set them free.
if you have to stalk him, he probably
wasn't  yours  in  the  first  place. :)

_All About Steve (:

S o o n e r   o r   l a t e r ;
y o u ' r e   g o n n a

wish she was me.©
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve;
n o t     y o u r     d i c k .

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I Don't Get It.
You like her, she likes you.
Why dont you just freakin'
Ask Her Out!
I Guess This Is What It Comes Down To.
We're gonna communicate through our friends
until we figure this out. It sucks,   we were so
good        together.       Tell      me,     baby;
Why'd You Have To Let Me Go?