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 My Name is Hannnah(: 
I live in a small town. Nothing reeally happens, i adore makeup and fashion. My favorite show is Pll, OF COURSE. I LOVEEEEE JB and Katy perry.  I like the color orange, my favorite stores are Zara's,Forever21,Topshop and Holister. If we have something in common? Chat me <3 

Need someone to talk to? Because i'm right here. 
Seriously, when i grow up i want to be a consuler, so talk to me. I promise, i'll listen. 

Tumblr anyone? http://iiforeveradreamer.tumblr.com/
Take me to a place
where the doors are open, a lovely little place where no one is broken.
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Please help me. 

So i love tumblr, but lately i have been getting tired of the people i follow please comment your blog or a good blog please anyone who sees this comment pleasee
 i swear ill most likely follow you 
but i want to be able to talk to people who i follow maybe even meet one im not just doing this for followers im doing it for fun like i want a fun tumblr commuity.. please help! i'll love you more than i already doo
check mine out, message me, friend me

please dont just scroll by

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Drake- I hate sleeping alone
me - like you ever sleep alone 

I just want to

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Can I be you. 

I wish...

you asked me to homecoming. 

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We Are society 

So stop blaming it.

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So Tell Me...

What's His NAME?
The boy you just thought of in your mind.

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Ilovereading book and watching movies about love because for like 90mins i can see hollywood create theloveialwayswanted.


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Listen I have Nothing Against Teen-Moms.
 I respect them for the great challenege they took on, but they need to understand they're will be hardship, and can't complain all the time. I am not saying all teen moms complain but some do, they should have thought of that the night they decided to have sexually activity. It's fine, you made a mistake were humans but don't think it's going to be super easy dealing with the result.  because their are VERY jugdemental people in this world but you were strong enough to go into larbor i think your strong enough to deal with comments and glares and stupid people.
also look at the bright side you created a beauitful little baby and showed god you aren't afraid of life.

Looking at someone
And thinking

Why can't i look like you.


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