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I'm not perfect and I don't want to be.
I think I'm pretty no matter what anyone else thinks.

I live to play volleyball.
I love all of my friends.
I'm a really nice person, and I generally get along with everyone.

I love music its basically my life <3
I'm the one on the left in my picture the other girl is lauren and i love her to death <3
Talk to me :)
I'm writing a story called "Second Chance" i hope ya'll like it !

Quotes by xoxoimisshimxoxo


He is finally mine <3

He asked me why I woke up so early for school I responded because I have to put my make up on and get dressed he then replied
I don't understand why you wear make up  
you already look amazing :)
Today he held my hand

under the table <3
Secret # 6

I go back to December all the time because it was the first time you saw me cry, you held me when I was at my weakest, you promised you'd be there for me, and that was the month you gave me your sweatshirt which I love just like how I will always love you <3
Secret # 5

I can't get you out of my mind and the second I do your name lights up on my phone and I fall for you all over again even if its a simple "hey whats up" and honestly its killing me
Secret # 4

The only reason I still have your sweatshirt is because it smells like you and reminds me of what used to be <3
Secret # 3

I lied when I said I was over you to tell you the truth it kills me to see you with her and you are the reason for these scars on my wrists.

Secret # 2
I make other people feel better so they don't see the pain I'm in

Secret #1

I am secretly in love with my best friends, best friend <3