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Helloflawless♥ , my names nicole. im fourteen, and a freshman, yayme. anyways, i live with my mom,dad, & eleven year old sister, danielle, & my doggie sammie. i have aboyfrend tommy. soyeah. ummmmm, friends are liike sam, alyssa,vanessa,kaitlyn,morgan. idontthinkyoucare but what the hay. i hate being accused of things, & i'm really weird & laugh a lot. so talk to me, i'll reply to all comments, & i follow back!(:
likes(+) volleyball, gibby, taylor swift, eyeliner, sleep, dogs, summer, gum, yoga, facebook, chicken noodle soup, keeping up with the kardashians, rings, NYC, amy duncan on good luck charlie, perfume, justin bieber, swimming, straight hair, what not to wear, taking pictures, necklaces, florida, uggs, nail polish, nicholas sparks, six flags, babies, shopping, music, internet, math, texting, witty.
dislikes(-) birds, winter, periods, my teeth, jerks, headaches, lack of sleep, bugs, scary movies, when youre texting someone you actually wanna talk to and your phone starts dying, anything mint, bad attention, falling in front of people, dirty looks, crying, vanilla icecream, getting popcorn stuck in your teeth.

instagraaammm? @nicolemuthh. tell me ifyou follow me & ill follow back.(:.

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Quotes by xoxoloveyourlifexoxo

LOL. has anyone noticed that on the side, where the categories are, if you click vent, it brings you to a website to buy a diary. lololol

& i know, that you see, what you're doing to me.
tell me why.

When you're upset,

it takes the tiniest thing to make you completely blow up.
am  no fool,
& she will not make somthing out of me I am not.

-princess protection program // nmf

 be a girl with a mind, a b/tch with an attitude, and a lady with class.


Hit me with those green eyes,
baby, as the lights go down
give me somethin' that'll haunt me,
when you're not around.


One Year On Witty, 

well; i'm going away until monday so im doing this now. one year ago on july ninth i made my first witty account. throughout the year i made 143 quotes, this being my 144th. i reached my goal of 200 followers, im now at 204. & i met my bestfriend hha_ilyxx5. so witty, thankyou for always being there, iloveyouguys♥


We're not perfect;

any of us.

»»» we make mistakes,we screw up.

But then we forgive.

And we move forward.

the last song<3


Being so upset that, 
 You can't even cry, so you just sit there. dying inside♥
nmf, myquoteithink.(: 

&  just like that all of my respect for you was lost.