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miss mercedes elizabethh mazzitelli ♥

16 years of age.
i blow the candles out on october 20th.
taken by one brandoon scott archambault. 2.3.12 ♥
high school is a drag. i wanna go back to 8trh grade when life was easy going & less stressful.
im one of those people who likes to keep to herself because of the fear of getting hurt or forgotten.
summer '10 was the best time of my entire life.
im going to marry jake gyllenhaal one day. ♥
if you EVER need someone to talk to, im willing to listen. (-:
follow me & ill follow you back (-;

follow. fave. comment.
dont cry because its over;

smile because it happened. ♥


Quotes by xoxomerk

im ALWAYS there for everyone else..
but when im depressed & suicidal,
people cant take 2 lousy seconds out of their "busy" lives to tell me they love me.
when i wanna die,
i just go on tumblr & im reassured im not alone.

i wish i was appreciated.

just for once..
self harm:
 is just a part of my everyday life.
without it, im incomplete.

its my own kind of addiction.

i just wanna S C R E A M!
in the matter of 3 months,
my life has gone from being what i would think was perfect,
to me wanting to take my own life

somebody save me.
So last night I was just sitting at home when I received a message from my ex boyfriend.
He told me that he had to tell me something really important.
I was scared of what he was going to say because the last time we talked was over a year ago & we were yelling at eachother.
He sends me this really long message telling me that he recently found out that he was bisexual & lost his virginity to a guy.
I started crying.
Not because he was bisexual,
or because he has intercourse with a guy,
but because he trusted me enough to tell me.
Now, were bestfriends again
& Im happier than ever.
Ed Sheerans my favorite ginger. ♥

i just found out that my boyfriend has cancer. 
melanoma to be exact.
hes had it before & they thought they removed it. 
but its back.
please pray.
hes gonna need it. 

i love you. <3

i realized your laugh
is the best sound ive 

ever heard.


stop being