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         Hello love:) I see that you have come across my profile. I'm Morgan. I'm 15 years young and the world was made a better place on October 5th. Brown eyed girl and a total dork :) Without music I would probably be dead by now. I love A Day To Remeber, Escape The Fate, A Skylit Drive, Alesana, We Are the Ocean, Taking Back Sunday, Attack!Attack! Blink-182, All American Rejects, We The Kings, Paramore, Panic!At the Disco, Plain white tees, Go Radio, and so on. I love taking pictures, especially black and white. I take pictures because they capture something truly beautiful. I spend most of my time people watching and taking photos. I love to play soccer and I'm on the diving team. Diving=Life. I enjoy the little things in life. One day I'm going to see the world! I don't have a best friend, just a bunch of regular friends that I don't trust. I have trust issues. I've had my heart broken by a guy I never even dated. I try to make people smile as often as possible. Everyone deserves happiness. Most of my good friends are going through a lot right now so I've gotten pretty good at giving advice. If u want any or want someone to talk to, I'll be here. I've been through it all. Two of my friends have witty accounts. One is marrisarosexx3. I love her, she is awesome! and you should check out her quotes because they are amazing. The other one is JakeT21. He is really nice and he's a guy. I know you witty girls love witty guys that are straight and not complete douches. And to my small amount of followers, I love you guys! They are awesome and you should check out their profile because they made me so happy and they deserve more credit.

 Things I didn't want to write in a paragraph

- I live in new York, not the city,but some armpit of a town that no one cares about

-I've finally found "him" but he is stupid and hasn't realized how much I like him because i've been stuck in the friend zone.

- Yes, girls get put in the friend zone too. And it sucks, I feel your pain guys.

-I love music and if you make fun of the music I listen to, you will suffer the consequences.

-music was there for me when no one else was


-I have a peculiar sense of smell. Every room that I walk in to, I have to describe the smell.

-Whenever I get a new book I smell it :)

-I love quotes (obviously or I wouldn't be on here)

-I'm a sucker for green eyes

-guys with abs are hot!

-I miss my best friends. They both moved away. I hope they are reading this right now.

-I have anger issues. I have punched wholes walls several times. I was grounded later on for that, but nothing a picture frame can't fix :)

- I put the wholes in the wall to good use by putting important stuff in them and the picture frames cover it up so no one knows :)

-I ramble a lot...like how I am right now

-I play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxaphone, keyboard, guitar, trombone, and I sing a little :)

-I sing pretty much every moment of the day

-I currently have a make-up obsession, but I don't go overboard like some of the whores at my school.

-I'm really good in school. I'm in all honors classes, and I still manage to get all A's

-I currently like someone, but boys tend to be oblivious

-I love the beach! I go there pretty much every day over the summer.

-I'm really good at math and I like math because it calms me down for some strange reason

-I apologize for this being so long

-my favorite season is winter, because I love the snow

-I'm scared of thunder, elevators, and puppets

-I am a perfectionist and everything has to be clean

-congrats for reading this far. I know I mist be boring you

-the only reason I work out is because of the upcoming zombie apocalypse. It can happen any time and don't make fun of me because when it does happen, you'll be one of the first ones to die.

-I led a guy on and I feel horrible about it 

-I broke my first bone when I was 14. It was my toe

-I apologize again for this being so long

- One last thing! You are beatuful and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't


Quotes by xoxomissmorganxoxo

Some people need to realize
That's there's other bands out there than One Direction 

»Don't get me wrong, they are still good and I respect them
Hell, I even enjoy some of their songs very much 
But there's just so much good music that everyone is missing out on

   Quite frankly I'm getting sick of almost every quote being about them. «


It's extremely painful 
Hating something that you once loved with all your heart.


»I love sleep 
My life always has a tendency to fall apart

   When I'm awake, you know? «


I wish someone would hit me.
                  I want to feel something for once in my life


I find myself wanting to sleep all of the time because I only get to see you in my dreams <3
I hate how I scroll through quotes and I keep seeing things like, "witty is boring" or "this is wierd" or "I don't like this". Personally, I like this a lot more. People are not judging quotes based on their formats or the user who made them up. I think that is really nice. Not being judged for once is a nice feeling.
Life's a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get

 »Life's a beach

                         And I'm just playing in the sand«


We need to remember          
        ...That dwelling on the past
won't make time slow down            
            & sometimes we forget that.   
Time is always moving and forever changing 
        And no matter how hard we try, 
we can't stop time from moving forwards



remember that
Time moveson.