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Quotes by xoxorachelxoxo

  Never   Want   To   Love   Anyone   The   Way     Love  You !
 I love the person you are and I hope you love me as I am.

You are my everything. I never want to be away from you. 

 II  love you with all my heart. You are always there for me.

The Love I Have For You IsStrong! That Love Will Always Be Strong. I  LOVE YOU FOREVER!
I Your Princess Take you My Prince. To Hvae and to hold, till death do us part. I will love you and respect you till the day i die and further. I love the man you were the man are and the man you will become. You are my life my love my everything. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

We made it Girls, We're done! All that work is done, because we made it we’re GRADUATING!!! We should be so proud of ourselves and each other. We will always have those memories; we will always have the laughs. We will always laugh at those stupid fights < What were they about anyways?> We will always have each other, no matter the miles between us. 

Girls we did good. We made it. We will always have those memories, the laughs, the tears, and the love. GIRLS WE MADE IT!!!!!!!
~ Shelby, Becca, Erika, Nancy, Alysia, Yes and even you Ashley. lol
Darrick Baby I love you with every inch of my body. Your my everything!
I love you. I always will. You are my life, I live because you live, you are my everything. You make me the happiest women alive. I love and live for you.