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Quotes by xoxosarahjavvoxo

When I see that he's on chat on Facebook

What I want to say...

Me: I know that there have been things that screwed up our chances, but we have another chance, so why can't we just go for it?

What I actually say...

Me: Hey


1. Put Ipod on shuffle
2. Press forward button for question
3. Use the song title to answer question

1. What song describes me?
Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

2. How's my life?
All My Lovin' - The Beatles

3. What song will play at my funeral?
I've Just Seen A Face - The Beatles

4. Does someone love me?
Everlong - Foo Fighters

5. What do people think of me?L
Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and the Wings

6. What type of men do I like?
Bow Chick Wow Wow - Mike Posner

7. What will my dying words be?
Back To Black - Amy Winehouse



1: Are you ready for 52 questions? Sure, why not
2: Was your last relationship a mistake? Kind of
3: Do you miss your last relationship? Sometimes
4: Who did you last say goodbye to? One of my best friends
5: Do you regret it? No, she was leaving...
6: Have you ever been depressed? I mean I've been sad, but not depressed
7: Are you a boy or girl? Girl
8: Are you insecure? About a few things, but its not going to hold me back
9: What is your relationship status? Single
10: How do you want to die? I mean no...
11: What did you last eat? Pasta
12: Have you played any sports? At least 4, but I think more.
13: Do you bite your nails? Usually when I'm nervous.
15: Do you have an attitude? I mean it depends on things.
16: Do you like someone? You know it.
17: What is your real name? Sarah
18: Have you ever read a book? Very many.
19: Are you gonna get high later? Not if I want to stay on the soccer team.
20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? I mean hate is a strong word, so in that case, yes.
21: Do you miss someone? You can bet on it.
22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? Twirl
23: Do you tan a lot? Yes! I tan like it's my job. Not on purpose though.
24: Have any pets? Nope
25: How exactly are you feeling? Tired, but sooo excited.
26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving? Yeah, I ate while driving today, and yesterday, and the day before that...
27: Ever made out in a bathroom? Outside of one
28: Good driver? I'm a damn good driver.
29: Are you scared of spiders? A little
30: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? Only to one day in November.
31: Do you regret anything from your past? Doesn't everyone?
32: What are your plans for this weekend? Party, sleep, and another party
33: Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M? Mark.
34: Do you type fast? Yeah
35: Do you have piercings? 5.
36: Want anymore? Well I'm getting my bellybutton pierced on Monday.
37: Can you spell well? Well enough.
38: Do you miss anyone from your past? I mean, I think everybody does, but yeah, definitely.
39: What are you craving right now? Pinkberry!!
40: Ever been to a bonfire party? Too many to count.
41: Ever had a silly band? Only but of course.
42: Have you ever been on a horse? Yeah, several times.
44: Kissed someone in a pick up truck? Yes. My ex has a pickup truck.
43: Have you ever broken someones heart? I definitely hope not.
44: Have you ever been cheated on? Yes.
45: Have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? He's made me cry.
46: Are you thinking of someone right now? Yeah.
47: Would you live with someone without marrying them? Yes, I would live someone, I will never get married though.
48: What should you be doing? Figuring out what to wear, and putting make up on.
49: Whats irritating you right now? People. And the fact that I'm starving.
50: Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts? I'd be lying if I said no.
51: Does somebody love you? Yeah, I mean I would hope so.
52: whats your crushes name? Alix

I know we're friends and everything.
But you hurt my
best friend.

Everytime I say "I don't care", I die a little inside, knowing that I'm lying to myself.

I don't live without you.
I exist.

They all say look at her, she must have the perfect life, she's always smiling.

If only the knew they're all fake smiles, plastered on,
to hide the pain.


I miss you. It's as simple as that.
Z D E N C H A R A <3
T Y L E R  S E G U I N <3