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My boyfriends name is Waldo .... Don't ask me where he is because I still haven't found him <3
Sometimes ....
the PRETTIEST people ...
have the UGLIEST souls ....</3

Where do i go from here ? I've lost . . . 

E V E R Y T H I N G </3 *
Its been a year today ... i cried all day i know you don't care anymore or you'd be here </3
i feel as though i have fallen into a world completely my own ... <3

Sometime , i honestly couldnt tell who my real friends are ... than i realize their the ones that text me BEFORE i get off the bus , the ones that send me 10 page text messages telling me they love me ... The ones that have my back no matter what . I just want all my friends to know that if i ever lost yous i dont know what would happen . I love you guys so much . <3 Thank you for being there for me ... 
No matter what a n y o n e * says i am me & thats something n o b o d y * else can be <3
NO i am NOT the kind of girl that ALWAYS has a boyfriend ... 
NO i am NOT the kind of girl that ALWAYS puts herself out there .
If you have the nerve to bring up the past you BETTER have the nerve to deal with my attitude .. 
Yes ...
I do have a boyfriend ...
His name is Sleep 
& i get some every night
<3 *