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Hey, I'm Chelsea and I'm 14 years young. None of the quote formats I use are mine, I just forget to put nmf on the bottom of my quotes a lot so yeah. I am a major Directioner as you can tell by my profile. I also am a major Swiftie and Belieber. Don't insult any of the boys from One Direction or Justin Bieber cause I will hunt you down and you will die a slow and painful death jk. I'm single and loving life. I blow out the candles on June 19th and I think I've finally convinced my brother to make a witty :) I play soccer and softball. One Direction&&Justin Bieber are my life<3 Like legit. I love them so much and Niall is my future husband. I love to write poetry but I never show it to anybody. My three witty BEST FRIENDS are lalabuddynumber1, akk3165 and MyNameIsMaicy you should go follow them cause they're absolutely amazing and completely and utterly GORGEOUS!! Alrightyy well don't forget that all of you are completely beautiful<3 BYEE<3 LOVE YOU ALL<3
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It's sad to see what witty has become, it's not the same as it was when I first joined, at first it was a place where we all loved and respected each other now people hate on others and make them feel like crap. I'm glad I stopped using witty because it's not the place I remember. If you ever need to talk then you can find me on twitter. Thanks for everybody who used to be there for me, it meant a lot to me. 

 I wonder if he thinks about me even half as much as I think about him


I'll be there to catch you when you fall

How  come

A    7   minute   long   video   

Of    Me    making  out

W  i  t  h   my 

Best Friends

Cousin    is

So   Interesting?

I'm so sorry I haven't been on in awhile</3 I'm especially sorry to my three witty best friends/sisters that I barely talk to anymore, I've just been so busy with school I love youu all<3
Sorry I can't post quotes much anymore, long story short my mother doesn't trust me so I'm not allowed to use my laptop unless I'm sitting next to her. So yeah. Right now I'm on cause school was cancelled cause of the hurricane, comment on my profile if you wanna talk<3 I'll go on witty every day at school to reply to you guys<3 Love youu all<33
Sorry that I haven't been on</3 My internet is down, right now I'm using my neighbors wifi but its pretty weak<3 Love you guyss<3 My internet should be fixed by tomorrow nightt
Convo With Dylan:
Him: sighhhh
Me: Whats wrong??
Him: I hate how you don't realize how beautiful you are :/

Sweetest thing ever<3


That Depressing Moment When

Your friend texts you saying "Wanna do something with our imaginary boyfriends tonight?"
That Awkward Moment When
Even your mom tells you that you need to get a life....♥