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My names Abbiee♥
I love my twin sister




snapback with my city on it♥


still tan! :)
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Quotes by xoxoxoxlovee

I laugh whenever I see a girl's status
asking where the nice guys are.
They're right in front of you,
you're just not giving them the chance.
Memories take you back;
dreams take you forward.
That mini heart attack you have when
you reach in your pocket and your phone isn't there..
I'm always DTF. Yep, I'm dedicated, trustworthy, and faithful. :)
Dear Dora,
How do you get your shirt over your head?
Physically Impossible
Soo yeah,

I kinda want a witty bestfriend.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away
Be proud of every scar on your heart,
each one holds a lifetimes worth of lessons.
If someone messes up, let them know.
If they keep messing up, let them go.
Even the prettiest flower will wilt one day.
Its natures way of teaching us that nothing lasts forever.