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Quotes by xoxpaigexox3

if you wer
"so sorry,"           you wouldn't have done it  in the first place.


we're not friends, 
we're   s t r a n g e r s   with memories.


you hate me?
             it's okay, i kinda hate myself too.

I Just  Want  To

live my life & have fun;  not be judged by  e v e r y o n e


I WoulDo
anything for you to answer my text. anything to feel like I'm important to you.

anything    o    have   a    chance


unfortunately, our society sends a huge

message. unless you are g o o d l o o k i n g, you don't matter as much.


i want to be the girl;
who makes your bad days better, and the one that makes    ♥                you say; 

"my life has changed since i met her."

i like my
      b e d, but i'd rather         be in yours(;


have you ever wanted to ask a question;
    but you didn't,         because you know in your heart,       you couldn't handle the answer?