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Quotes by xoxsummerxgalxox

All I just want is a chance.
Is that too much to ask for?

While the ball is dropping on New Year's Eve, I'm going to say how I really feel in single word texts. I'm telling him the truth. And if he doesn't want to accept it, in 2012, I can always say that I'm over it, cause it was 2011. But if he accepts it, then he'll have the perfect beginning to 2012. 


So I'm not good enough for you?

Oh, I'm sorry that I'm not the girl who will do whatever you want her to. I'm sorry that I'm not the girl with the biggest boobs, or the girl whose tops are only tubes. I'm sorry that I'm not the most gorgeous one, you said that I was cute but I guess that's said and done. I'm sorry that I wait until I'm dating someone to kiss them, I thought you said the fact I would wait made me a gem. I'm sorry that I can be awkward at times, and I'm sorry I like to come up with little rhymes. I hope you realize that you're not the only one for me, you have competition, but that doesn't mean that we can't be. As you leave me to go for her, I hope those words you shared with me give you something to remember. I hope you realize the moment when you realize you two don't  last, you won't come back to me since I'm a part of the past. 

I've been on witty for over 2 years,
Although      I       knew       about      it       for       almost      3.
As I look back at all of my old quotes, I remember the way I 
was in 6th grade & how  I'd spend  my nights making perfect
quotes. I'm now in 9th grade, almost fifteen, and I  had  this
since I was 11. I realized  how much life changes within  the 
matter of 2 years. & I just felt it necessary to share my witty story, & that it's amazing to look back at your old quotes. (:


Face it:
That player who just said,
I love you, and I mean it."
Probably said it to at least


other girls, and took it back
from every single one of them.

This goes to all the runners:
Since we don't get much credit. It goes to the ones who live
to cross the finish line& when they compete you won't forget
it. It goes to the ones who fight through the pain &don't mind
when people tell you that you're insane. It's for the ones who
trade in heels for spikes, dresses for running tanks,& soda for
water. It goes to the ones who don't mind training,even if the
weather's hotter. This one's for the runners who'd rather go on
a run than hang out at a mall. This one's for the runners who'd
trade in Teen Vogue for Runner's World. These words are for

all my runner girls. 


I'm the kind of girl...
»»who   laughs     at      her    mistakes.     
So      pardon       me,
if      I      laugh      in      your      face.                    ««




 »» She                don't                   even                    know                  you
She's  never  gonna  love you  like  I  want to  .

&&You just see right through me, but if you only knew me....
We  could  be    beautiful   miracle,  unbelievable.  
Instead         of         just         invisible...

Invisible-Taylor Swift.
Highlight, Ninjas(:


& It's all your fault, boy.
 You were the one who said, "I'll always love you."


Calling someone 'ugly' doesn't make you
Calling someone 'fat' doesn't make you
Saying someone has acne doesn't make your skin
Calling  someone  'poor 'doesn't make you
Saying someone's horrible doesn't make you
& Saying someone's dumb doesn't make you