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They say they are there for me, but what they don't know is that even if they are there for me, I still just want to end this. 
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My name is Colleen!  

I am 15 years old and will be 16 December 31 

I love to dance, I dance 24/7 

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I'm still in love with my ex.
He tells me all the time that he misses me. 

Please, I want to just go up and kiss him, do you think it's a good idea? Fave if you do 


 And you know what sucks?
Having you stick in my head.
All day long. 
And not being able to get you out
Like your stuck in my head.
Tatooed into my memory.
Always in my heart. 


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The only thing that could make this holiday season better,

 Would be to have all the soldiers home and safe with their family ♥

You have no idea.  
You have no idea of what I feel about you             
Of  how much I care about you. Of how much I think you're amazing and beautiful. Of what I think we could become. Pf how much you make me happy and sad at the same time.
Of how much you make me feel so alive. Of the butterfly riot that takes place in my stomach when you talk to me. Of how much you make me worry and scared. 
You have no idea. 


I'm not afraid of you;

   I'm afraid of the way I feel about you 


And althat   ask
Is that you don't make promises you can't keep, and don't say things you don't mean. Because you're going to hurt someone in the end. 


As 2011 comes to an end...
 2011 is the year that went by so fast, maybe a little too fast. It’s the year your so called friend walks out of your life, and it’s the year you realize who the real ones are. It’s the year you felt the most pressure to the point where you wanted to give up so many times but you’re still learning how to get back up. It’s the year you said you were going to accomplish great things yet you feel like you wasted time. It’s the year you cried over too many pointless things, too many times. It’s the year you look back on all the lifetime memories in which you find yourself missing people in them. It’s the year of heartbreak, you lost the one who you thought would always be there, but that person ended up never catching you. They let you fall and shatter. But as this year comes to an end, you realize that 2012 is going to be the year of New Beginnings: where you learn how to get up, move on, slowly, and you will realize that that is okay. 

You can never teach a guy to love you the way you want to be loved. You have to wait for him to do it his own way at his own time. That's the saddest part of being a girl. 
But you can never teach a girl to love a guy back the way she did before if she already grew tired and fed up waiting to be appreciated and loved the way she deserved, that's the saddest part of being an insensitive man. 


JU ST           O   NE                   DAY
withouth thinking about you,
and hurting because of

That's all I want.