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hEy cHiiCk`sZ + diiCk`sz! cHEcK oUt maH stUfF aNd yaH uM IM ii qUesS hHAHa yAH nO I LOVE YOU SOOOOO GOD DARN MUCH PRESTON!

Quotes by xrockiiinpinkx

w h e n y e w a r e i n l o v e
wHenN yEr iin lOvE iiHt hURt`sz
sO0 bAd bUt whEn yEr nOt iiN lOvE ..
iiT huRt`sz sO bAd 2 kNo hE dOes`nt
/// l o v e y o u \\\

100% MINE!!!! yAh IM mE ii qUEsS suPeR w0mAn x3\

xO bRoOkeE Ox
love is
sooo crazed
mE Nd aUsTiiN mAdE iiT UpP hHAhahHAaHAhah

aUsTin cAlls thE boWLiiNg aLiiE: hii dO yoU haVe 8 pOunD bALlZ?
gUy wHo piicKsS uP: yEa
aUsTIN" OmqH hOw thE hElL yA pUlL yA pANtS UP!!!

juSt cUz yEr a hOe
dOn`t MeAn ii AM
yOii wAnnA bE oN
thE fOotbAll
fEiLd evEry dAY
nO1 wOndEr
wHY yEr fAt
ii pLAy kiickbAll
aNd lOOse thE lBs
aND thE bEst pArt iis
yEr jUlus
cUz huNii ii goT
aLl dA MEN!

when ii look iin yer eyes
all ii see iis you
all ii want iis you
all ii ever wanted waz you
what the hell
why am ii waiiting?
ii just don`t kno any more
so iif you kno
plz baybiie
plz tell me

xOx bRoOkeE xOx

iim stiill the SAME person
hard 2 to beliieve
cuz yer so caut up wiith hiim
ii just dont know what2 do
iim left out
please dont diie
iill be ok wiith out yoii
and good luck wiith eric deanna
cuz iik hes more important than me :(
i love you

so sad:(
liiL bOdDiie
yEr bAybiIe
oN thE dANcE fLooR
aND oN tHe fEiLD!

s0ometiimes th0ose guiis
they get iin our heads
we just cant get them 0out
but we dont have 2
they cant make us
when they liike make us crii
we l0ok bac and laugh
and say ii miiss those daiis :-*
.....prEsTon 4 eVER!!

xOx bRooKe idK IM mE

sExii fLiiRt
aNythiiNg buT hUrT
wAnt mY sMiiLe?
cUz bAbY
ii wAnt yErs
mOrE thAN....
thE wORlD
ii juSt wAnnA bE thE 1
wHo yOii cAll yEr bAby
iiS thAt 2 mUch 2 ask?


wHEN yOii lOvE sOME1 aND tHey dOnt lOvE yOii bAc <<3
iitS hHArD 2 kEep yEr sElf oN trAck
bUT LovE hURts
sO iM guEsSiiN thAts whY thEy cAll iT a cRuSH
^^ cOuld bE iN fLiiRty 2 buT sRewW thAt :-D*^^


yOii thInk yEr aLL thAt nD a bAg oF cHips?
GUESS WHAT?!mE aND miiE cReW arE aLl dAt
nD a bAg oF skIttiLes

yOii wAlk uP 2 uS
cAlL uS hOe bAgS
cUz bAbE YEr jEluS
sO wHEN We cOme uP 2 yOii
bE sCaReD
bEtTer hLd oN 2 yEr aZz
cUz hUnnii iF yOu dOnt
miiE aND my cReW wiilll kIck yEr aZz!!!!!!!!!

hAHHaaHa mAdE thEm aLl dOnt wAnt iT 2 bE 2 lOng sO y Ea ilL do mOre

guEsS if yA wANna IM mE iDk

xOx pReStoN :-*
I dont know what you do. . .

you knOw yOu're in lOve when
all it takes is One sonq tO make
yOu think Of him and the next
thinq yOu knOw yOu have tears
runninq dOwn yOur face. x3
bAbY iTs yoii __*

*me wit/out you it`s beyond insane it`d be
like havin the choo choo w/o the train x0*

So just incase you're wondering,
you mean absolutely everything to me.xx3

i jUSt hOpe sHE bRaKEsS yEr hEaRt
bEcUz yOu bROKE mIne

but i fall for you everytime. . .

iM mIe aND mAYbE iLl gIvE yALl tha cOLorSzZ

xOx My bOo

_ *