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Hey Everyone !

I'm too lazy to sit and do a layout or type any crap in here. Eat it.

Quotes by xsanaa26x

Can I get 15 Faves For My

Fifteenth Birthday

Why is it that Witty People "never" go outside and never "see daylight" now?
That's not funny, it's stupid. I don't know about you guys, but I play sports and have fun outside. Not sit on my computer all day.

I come here to read inspirational quotes. 

Not ones about One Direction.

[Am I The Only One]

That isn't crazy about One Direction? 

K i l l   t h e

With Success

A n d   b u r y   t h e m 

With a Smile

Merry Christmas
To all of witty!

He saw you.
He met you.
He wanted you.
He liked you.
He chased you.
He got you.
He had you.
He loved you.
He got bored.
He left.

   ^That quote's ugly.

I have a big willie.