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hello there.
i'm kaiti.
i'm that spacy kid.
there's always one.

i like:
motionless in white
drake and josh
grape soda

now tell me about yourself. i'm always up for a good story.
i promise i'll always listen.

stay beautiful, all of you.


Quotes by xsavexmex

I never understand
 why people refer to Romeo and Juliet as a love story.
It's a tragic story of a brazen, three-day teenage marriage
that results in four murders
and two suicides.
You could probably find a more stable relationship on an episode of Teen Mom.

you really need to stop bothering me.
i don't want anything to do with you.

kay guyss..
every time that your in a big crowd , yell "AWOT"
it stands for [ Any Wittians Out There? ]
so we can see who eachother are.
pass it on and sign your name:)♥




the saddest kind of sad
is when you don't even cry.
you stare at everything and nothing.
you're empty.
for a few seconds, you


things that annoy me:
- when my favorite song comes on just as i'm getting out of the car.
- when i'm waiting for a text and i get one from the wrong person.
- when people try talking to me when i have earphones in.
- when my brain reminds me of something i want to forget.
- waiting a whole week for the next epsiode of a good show.

fave if you agree~

so-relatable.tumblr.com (:

i juscan't do this.
i'm not ignoring you because im angry with you.
my ignoring you is me letting it go.
we just can't be friends.
i'm too unhappy.


sweetie you're like summer
you have no class

the awkwarmoment when
your ipod is dead
and music is pretty much the only thing
keeping you alive.



so today's my 15th birthday!
 15 years..is a while.
two years ago i didn't think i was even going to be living at this age.
and i have witty to thank.
i love you guys. always.



you know what makes me smile?

face muscles!


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