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I'm sophiaa :)
I'm 14 years old
I love the Jonas Brothers.
July 18th :)
I love twilight too.
& Taylor Swift is my inspiration.
Nothing else realllly.
I hope you like my quotes

Quotes by xsmsx3

You spend your nights alone
And she never comes home
And every time you call her
All you get's a busy tone
I heard you found out
That what she's doing to you
is What you did to me
Tale as old as time
Boy you got what you deserved.
-Taylor Swift
Boston MA

p.s. this was apparently about joe jonas.. ?

When i was a little girl I used to read fairy-tales.
In fairy-tales your [prince charming] is everything you've ever wanted..
In fairy-tales the bad guy, is always very easy to spot.
You always know who he is.
Hes always wearing a black cape
But when you grow up..
When you grow up you realize that
Maybe prince charming isnt as easy to find as you thought..
Maybe the bad guy..
Isn't easy to spot either..
The bad guy.. Isnt wearing a black cape at all..
Guess what?
In real life the bad guy is really, really cute.
- Taylor Swift
Boston, MA

I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover
Love you forever, but now I'm sober
We're spinnin' on a roller coaster ride
The world, stuck in black and white
You drove me crazy everytime we touched,
Now I'm so broken that I can't even
get up.

Love Drunk.
"It feels like nothing else exists outside of those words, this moment.
There's just us.
Everything that happened this past summer, & every summer before it,
Has all led up to this,
To now."

Don't say you're sorry
'Cause i'm not even breaking
You're not worth the time that this is taking,
Now you told me on a Sunday
That it wasn't gonna work
I tried to cry myself to sleep
'Cause it was supposed to hurt

-Demi Lovato
You've got a face for a smile, you know
A shame you waste it
When you're breaking me slowly but Ive

Got a world of chances, for you.

-Demi Lovato
You've got a face for a smile, you know.

-Demi Lovato
I've got a paper and pen
I go to write a goodbye
And that's when I know I've

Got a world of chances, for you.
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