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Hey There =)
My name is Alessandra, but call me Ali. I'm 14 and going to be a freshman. I don't really like school that much. My favorite color is orange. I'm a complicated person. I also get jealous very easily and it's not pretty! Alot of people tell me that I'm a negitive person. So i guess I'm a negitive person, but I can be very nice when I want to. Some of my favorites are my Ipod, my cell phone, my lap top, my friends, my family, and SOFTBALL<3. My friends are a BIG part of my life. They are ALWAYS there when I need them. They are all awesome to hang out with. ILOVEMYFRIENDS. I have 1 real life friend on witty. Her name is Allyson (allysonxxannexox)! She is extremely ah-mazing! Music is another HUGE part of my life. Whenever I'm sad or having a bad day, I just like to go and listen to my Ipod. Well, that's me. (:
Softball =)
Softball is pretty much my WHOLE life. Before almost EVERY softball game, I like to listen to my Ipod, because it helps me get pumped up and focused on my game. My main position is pitcher! I take pitching lessons and know a ton of pitches. My other positions are shortstop, 3rd base, and all outfield. My number is ALWAYS #27. I picked that number because I was born on March 27th, and because that's Jennie Finch's number. I absoultely love Danielle Lawrie who pitched for the Washington Huskies. I want to be an amazing pitcher just like her. 
Xobrunettegal3ox won my fan art contest. My current picture is the fan art she submitted. If you need fan art, visit her profile! She has the best fan art on witty and she has some pretty ROCKIN' quotes. This girl ROCKS! She's super NICE and really COOL.
My Goals!


Quotes by xsoftballer27x

&+ Beauty Gets Attention;
But personality captures the heart.


&+ Am I The Only One;
Who doesn't text for a whole day,
And feels like they are disconnected from the world.


&+ The Only Reason Why I Can't Wait To Go Back To School;


&+ Softball Is My Life

&+ I'm A Proud Softball Player


&+ Your The Only One;
Who can make me smile when I'm feeling sad.


&+ At 11:11;
I don't think about you.
I think about the times we laughed together.
The times we look each other in the eyes,
but just to have a staring contest.
The times in class when you smile and nod your head up,
and I smile and nod mine up too.
The times when I can't stop thinking about you.


&+ Little Did He Know;
That I would give up anything and everything just to be his.


&+ Am I The Only One;
Who hates when someone says "I love you."
When they don't even mean it.


Life's Simple;