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Just . hold me  Please 


iwakinda lika movie; ♥ 
alhe saiwa"hiin thhallway. but it made my stomach fill with butterflies. i couldn't even
see straight. my head became dizzy and a big goofy smile spread across my face. i could feel my
face turn bright red. it was him. he said hi to me. it made my entire week, i can't stop smiling.


nah, i don't have a problem with

people, it's
just you bit.ch.

- - - - -

❝ say you're sorry, that
face of an angel comes
out    just    when    you
x            it    x            to 

t   a   y   l   o   r       s   w  i   f   t      ♥


& it's weird to think about the fact
that there was a point in your life
where if someone would say
his name, you would just say

>>  "who's that?"  


ok so this isn't for faves,
i'm honestly curious.

have you ever
gotten drunk before?
if no, please fave.
if yes, please comment.
i'm interestetseresponses(:


Last nighhaa dreathat manmy ex-besfriend became friendagainWhen woke up, I actuallfelt 
wasn'actually real. </3


Yea, we've aldone it;
⇒ We've all seen the nice, caring, respectful
guy with the slutty girl with a bad reputation.
And right away we've all judged, and asked
ourselves why he was with her. But who are
we to judge them? Maybe he sees something
in her that no one else does. Maybe she's
really sweet, or her laugh makes him melt.
Maybe she gives the best hugs and sends him
goodnight texts. Maybe he loves to cuddle
and watch movies with her. Maybe they're in
love and have an amazing relationship. So
who are we to say they shouldn't be together?