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Quotes by xthatsxlifex

*{ here's to you girls}*

» spending valentines day**
o n    y o u r    c o u c h

alonwithuge tub oicecream

watching disney channel reruns.


writinyour name `´.`¨´»»
on  something  that  you  know  he'll  see,
  o   h e l   n k   f   u   r   e   e c o n d .

*belly tops, flip flops*
b l u e   s k i e s ,   h o t   g u y s
» late nights, water fights
ice cream, sweet dreams **
{ party time, school's out }
sleeping in and sneaking out   

summer eleven; let it begin


I asked him why he liked me.


❝I like you because you're so funny, and you're
weird in the best kind of way. You're really
nice and beautiful . . . and when I look at you
I can't help but smile.❞



All my life I've been good,
b u t   n o w   I ' m   t h i n k i n

       W H A T   T H E   H E L L ?      

all I want is to mess around
xx and I don't really care about xx

     IF YOU LxOxVxE ME,     
     IF YOU
HxAxTxE ME.     

not my format, credit to whoever.


let's get onthing straight;
y o u ' r e   g o n n a   r e g r e t   y o u   l e f t   m e .

whei'm withim,
i find myself thinkinoyou.
a n d   i   h 
e   i t .

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