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Quotes by xthatsxlifex

it's kinda sad; even though it's been so long since you left, you're still
the first person i think of in the morning,

& the last person on my mind at night.

just come back.

my life is finallturning around.
t h e   o n l y   p r o b l e m ?

whenever i'm with him
i can't stop thinking of you...

 Apologizing  doesn't
always mean that you're
»wrong« and the other
person's  right,  it  just
means  that  you  value
your friendship more
than your exgx


I  know  I  must  grow  old ,
t   o   e   n   e   e   w   .



I looso goowithouyou.


you're all that
i think about,

all that i dream about,
how'd i ever breath without
 a goodnight kiss from you?

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