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t a k e   a   s h o t ,
love me nxoxw
love me 

middle fingein thair.

. ......

i   l a y   t h e r e
imagininthperfect guy.

format credit to iloserx9:)

& who else tonight is watching
Pretty Little Liars,
ersey Shore,

       a n d


If this love is what we say it is,

'm surwwilgfar. 

❝ Why  are  you  speaking,
when none asked you

Nicki Minaj

throughout my life
I've l i e d,
I've lost,
I've hurt,
I've missed,
I've txrxuxsxtxexd,
I've learned,
I've made mistakes,
& most of all; I've l*o*v*e*d*

I'm just in love with tis




   i wish i haa best friend.
yea, i have a handful of really good friends that i call my best friends, but none that compare to those best friends in the movies. i want to make a friend that can be like that. one that you can tell anything to. any family problems, any friend problems, no matter how serious or embarrassing they may be. one that'll always know how to make everything feel better, simply by having a sleepover and stuffing ourselves on junk food. i want a friend that'll always make me her first pick. whether it's her family vacation or a group of friends she's hanging out with, i'd always be included, no matter what. yea we'd fight, but we'd miss each other too much to ever have it come between us. she'd never dare to talk behind my back, and i'd never dare to talk behind hers. if anyone was ever mean to one of us, they'd be instantly hated by both of us. we'd both appreciate each other so much. we'd put "best friends" on all the pictures of us and make them our facebook profile pictures. i want a friend that i could cry in front of whenever i needed to, and she'd make me feel amazing by the time i was done. we'd only consider each other our best friends; she wouldn't have 4 or 5 other people that she gave that label to. we'd be inseparable until death, and everyone would be jealous.
it would be the perfect friendship. and it would never end.
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