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Quotes by xthatsxlifex

so what do you do once you realize that
no oncareabouyou?
because i've found myself realizing that a lot.

someone starts a fight,

and then they're
the ones who are
miserable cause of it.

I suddenly like people a lot better
when they hatthe
same person as me.

»  the hope that i had was fun ;



Sick of crying,
tired of trying.
Yea I'm smiling,
but inside I'm dying.

it's funny how Google always

finds a way to impress me.

Really Big - epicgoogle.co

Four Google- googlegooglegooglegoogle.com

Nighttime - blackle.com

Pig Latin - 


that random wonderful mood
that you get in, and then something
randomly decides to come around
&  r u i n  i t .

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