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herez a lil b0ut mee..... [[ name ]] JeSsA [[ b-day ]] 0cToBeR 12tH, 1992 [[ sex ]] FeMaLe [[ hair color ]] Br0wN-DiRtY-bLoNdIsH [[ eye color ]] LiGhT BlUe [[ fav sport ]] BaSkEtBaLL..g0 LaDy KNiGhTs!! s0cCer..VoLLeYbALL [[ main interests ]] bOiZ !!, SkAtEbOaRdInG, MuSiC, SiNgInG, GuItArZ, MaH gRlZ and..cLoThEz!! [[ best friendz ]] GaBbY, JeNnA, ArIaNa, ApRiL, eMiLy, StEvIe, SaMmY, LaUrEn, NaTaLiE, MaNdY..

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these r the lyricas to a song i wrote, but like since u dont know the beat, and dont hear me sing it, it prolly wont sound that good to you..but here it is:

When you're lost,
and you're so confused,
just come to me,
and i will show you the way through.
if you need to cry,
my arms are wind open,
i will listen,
thats what a friend is for..

you knwo i will always be there,
you know always that i have cared,
so why, why, why, do you push me
away from you.

well thats it..im still working on the rest of it though
ill keep u updated if i finish it !

UsE - bUt DoNt - AbUsE

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No onez on...
so im just around.

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(. If y0o ToLd Me YoUd Be ImPrEsSeD
oh i really wish that you knew,
how much i truly love you.
Baby you're my sunshine,
who i love to see all the time.
You make me smile o so much,
and you light up my day with a simple touch.
What i really want is for you to love me back, and leave your girlfriend ready to pack.
I can't stop thinking about you day and night,
as each day passes by you're my favorite sight.
It hurts so much not having you,
because the missing part of the puzzle of my life is having you as my boo.

*thats dedicated to jon..every second it hurts knowing that yU have a g/f..and yU dont love me back..love yU tho* :-(

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some one asked me
"do yOu knO where
heaven is" i smiled
aNd pOinteD to yOu
aNd i sOfTly sAid
-- iN his arms --
*Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind*

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she hides her tears and all her fears
she wants him to think shes strong
she understands and will take his hand
and catches him when he falls
she runs to him tears down her cheeks
but doesnt know what to say
he touches her face
looks into her eyes
and says "someday baby, someday"

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The hardest thing to do
is watch the person you love
in love with s.o.m.e.o.n.e e l s e

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