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Him: ....what am I going to do to those lips..
Me: Hopefully kiss them.
Him: durr. nice and hardlike too
Me: Or gentle and sweetlike.
Him: all of the above

I'm 15
a n d

I don't know
[[ l e f t ]]
from my

***r i g h t***




I love you,

Robert Caron.                       
  But you
love her..     

Highlight >>            When will you..love me back..?
Martin Isador Ferrer.

I love you with all of my heart.
You are my best friend,
my love,
my heart,
my soul,
my life,
my family,
my conscious
the light to my darkness,
end to my

Living without you is like;
living without a heart,
breathing in sand,
bleeding from the eyes,
being crushed by the Titanic,
being without a soul mate,
being a blood crazed Vampire,
a ware wolf with no moon.


I would NEVER change anything about you.


You are perfect.

You are my soul mate.

You are the heart that beats within my chest.


You are love.


The fear of being pursued by timber wolves
around a kitchen table
while wearing socks
on a newly-waxed floor.

 Promise me she isn’t your whole world.

I loved you;;
Does not form a coharent sentence.. 
There is no past tense to