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I can do what ever I wanna do don't tell me other wise. I'm my own person and noones going to change that. 

I'm that lax girl

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Everyone has a girlfriend and boyfriend
and I'm just over here like...
"I love food"

 Do you know what it
feels like to be

  In A





but at least i have the guts to live my life 
without the fear of what people think of me 
when i randomly burst into song or when 
i'm screaming 'i love you' down the hall 
to my best friends. and pretty much 
during all my random moments(:

       because we act retarded in

      public and people still love us.

Y- O - L - O 
t    h   a   t  s         t   h e        m  o   t   t   o


Sometimes I feel like I will never fall in love
Noone wants to be with me
why would they?