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Quotes by xxAriannaxx

When i was little, i would always pray to God so i can throw up.

And now im like, WTF?
I will one day invent a time machine and go back in time and stab the person who invented math with a fork.
*My 4th grade class freaking out becuase i said freaking*
Class: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!
*Kids now in 4th grade*
Kid: Fu.ckk this shiiit,i dont need school.
Class: *Keeps on doing work*
My kind of friends are the kind that if my house was burning down, they would be making smores, and hitting on firemen.


Hey guys ! My birthday is almost over ;/ and i just wanted to say thanks to the people who said happy birthday to me! i wanna thank you so much. You guys are the only reason i get inspired by making quotes. I even got followed by my most favorite wittian. He even said happy birthday to me! But anyway i just want to say i love you all and goodnight❤
I sometimes wish i could marry Witty.
Um Hey, Im Arianna and i DO exist.
When i get married, divorce is not a option! you mad? Get you're a.ss in the other room and were gonna work this shiiiit out.
Dont assume that im angry just because im on my period because i'll find you tonight and when you're sleeping, i'll assume you're dead and bury you in the backyard.
There is birthday cats. GOD BLESS YOU STEVE.