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Hi my name's Melanie.
Your opinion is now shot to hell.

I am closer to the clouds up here.

I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King
I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began, it was so beautiful.
y o u  g o t t a  m o u t h  l i k e  a   r a z o r b l a d e  i t  c u t s  s o  d e e p
s o  k i s s  m y  w r i s t s  a n d  n e c k
a n d  g i v e  m e  e t e r n a l  s l e e p.

And today I know that tomorrow will shine again golden and bring our hearts back home

I wholeheartedly believe in that which is Larry Stylinson, and it would be the greatest most wonderful day of my life to see them admit it. Just sayin'.

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K e e p   c a l m
C a r r y   o n 


Quotes by xxBestDressFearlessxx


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We're all worried,we're all in pain.
That just comes with having eyes

and having ears. But just remember
one thing  -  it can't get any worse,  it
can only get better.       High school is
the bottom,
being a teenager sucks
,      but that's
the point, surviving it is the whole
point. Quitting is not going to
make you stronger,
living will.         So just hang on and
hang in there."

~Mark Hunter
Pump Up The Volume

One day you’ll see that life isn’t all

Ignorance and irritability

And that sometimes

It’s the sea

And other times

It’s the headlights on the road

After it rains

And even the stars as they come out


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Why don't you come on over,
Stop making a fool outta me
So why don't you come on over Valerie?


I   know  you
may    never
b e   l i e v e 
me,  but you
are special,
and    you're
worth  more
than       you
give yourself
credit       for.

"I don't think there was ever a time
the club could handle me"


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