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This is my secret venting account.
You can call me Hannah but that's nothing close to my real name.
Why am I being secretive?
Because I post my most personal stuff here. 
Not gona share the name of my  other account on here, so don't ask.

I'm going through a lot.
I'm an emotional trainwreck.
I know I sound selfish but if you have a problem, please don't come to me about it.
I'm really just not good at listening.

I'm not really good at talking either.

My story?
See confessions.
Want to talk to me?
Go ahead.
But you probably won't like me.
No one else does.

Quotes by xxBlackVeilBridesxx

Can I vent to someone?

Confession 93,

I hate talking to people. I'd rather just be alone all day.


Confession 92,

I  hate talking to people about my problems.

I want people to think I'm strong,

even though I'm not at all.


Confession 91,

The thoughts used to scare me.

Now, they're a part of my every day life.


Confession 90,

I wasn't scared for the first few months because I

thought I was still in control.  Well, I was wrong.


Confession 89,

You had your chance to know what's wrong.

But oh, now you care?

Well, you're too late, & I'm done with you.


Confession 88,

You say you're my best friend.  Why didn't you notice

I was out of school for 3 days straight? 

Oh, that's right.- because you have your new friends

that you replaced me with.


Confession 87,

I wonder what it's like to be naturally pretty.

Confession 86,

I wish I could be one of those girls who is just hot.

One of those girls who can wear anything & still

look amazing.  But that's never going to happen.


Confession 85,

I think I'm pretty.  Unfortunately, no one else does.