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Hello Der(:

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Christmas <3

God Bless
Dear Haters,

I dont know why you guys spend most of your time obbessing over me. I just dont get it. But its nice to know that you think about me 24/7! :D


The girl your jealous of ;)

Lets all wish Louis Tomlinson a Very Happy Birthday today!!!

We love you, BooBear <3 xx
I dont care about you.

You are not worth my tears.

I wouldnt care if you got seriously hurt because,

you deserve it.

You call me every mean word.

You look at me like i am some creepo stalker (which I am not.)

You try to get my attention by saying my name every freakin 5 seconds but,

I dont care.

I dont care about you, or your sibling, or your life. 

Because all you are is


*Watching Teens React To Gangnam Style*

Guy: What do you think this music video song is called?

Teen: Uh...Open Condom Store? 

When I can't find something so I ask my

Mom and she says "I dont know where it



I am screwed.

It's not that I hate you,
it's like, uh, let's put it this way:
if you were on fire and I had water,
I would probably drink the water.

*at school*
*girl walks in*


Class: YES!

Girl: Heres one for you, and you, and 4 for you Lauren! 

Me: *thinking in my mind: YOU GO GLEN COCO!!!!*


Victoria Soto,

We will never

forget you. 

You are my hero! <3

~ All the little 1st graders
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