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*me and Megan after making cookies*

Me: HEY COLLIN! try our cookies!

Collin: *tries cookies and makes a weird face* it taste like dirt, mud, mixed with a couple of raisins...

Megan: You are so nice -_-

Me: ... thats the last time I'm making cookies..


and that everyone, is how my older brother insulted my cookies...
Who else has ever been bullied?
I need advice, Wittians.

I dont know who are my true friends anymore.

I have a crush on 2 guys.

2 people are bullying me.

I keep getting into text fights with my cousin.

What should I do?!
My name is...

Socially Awkward.


200 quote!

Oh Yeah.
I hope I'm not a casualty, 

I hope you wont get up and leave,

May not mean that much to you,

but to me it's everything....

~Louis Tomlinson
Should I put coffee and granola on

a tray in  bed,

and wake you up with all the

words that I still havent said...

~ Liam Payne <3 

Truly, Madly, Deeply 
Boy in my class: Hey! Where do 5 gay guys walk in?


Me: Of course you would know that.



Boy: *walks away*

true story bro. 
I hate how people say One

Direction are kids that sing

little kid songs.

Like, really? I guess you never

heard Rock Me?
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