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school bathroom swaaag♥
ohh how i love sundays♥
were soo cool.
shes my best friend♥ no matter what happens♥

me and the lil cousin♥

oohh heey thur. im emily. livin it uupp in newyork:) im singlee, a fresshiee♥ & idk what else to say but hmu i like talking to new peoplee! kbyee.


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i wish the world had a detox day. that way we would only be judged on what's inside.

fave if you agree
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dear guys,
gettinlot of girls isn't something to be proud of.
keeping one is. 


>> That awkward moment when your friends make plans right infront of you,and your not invited...

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when guys don't take no for an answer


i hate it somuch when you can't
stop thinking abouyt that one person & deep down inside you know they probably haven't thought about you once.

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