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Hi. I'm Allie.
I like your face.

 “I mean, reality sucks.
The world is a cancer, and so bad its scary.
Everythings filthy. But you know what?
One day, its not going to be here.
So be glad you know what life is. Youre alive. Live.
-Mitch Lucker

disclaimer: I get most of my quotes from twitter.

Quotes by xxLonelyLoverxx

That awkward moment
when an automatic door doesn't open for you.

Hearing yourself sing in the shower
and wondering why the hell you haven't made an album yet.

How school works:
John had 4 apples.
He eats one and gives one to a friend. Calculate the Sun's mass.

That awkward moment
when your mom sits down next to you while you're on the computer.

That moment during an argument
when you realize you're wrong.

So I'm invisible to you now?
That's cool. I've always wanted a superpower.

Typing what you really want to say
and then deleting it.


Always be positive.
*trips down stairs*
Wow! I got down those stairs fast!

My favorite part was when you stopped talking.

My Daily Needs:
Food 20% 
Water 5% 
Sleep 15% 
Internet 60%

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