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Hi. I'm Allie.
I like your face.

 “I mean, reality sucks.
The world is a cancer, and so bad its scary.
Everythings filthy. But you know what?
One day, its not going to be here.
So be glad you know what life is. Youre alive. Live.
-Mitch Lucker

disclaimer: I get most of my quotes from twitter.

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maroon 5? oh you mean
adam levine and the guys who stand behind him?

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I just want
to lay in bed, with me and you in it.
And just lay there and tell you
what I love about you the most.
I wouldn’t mind being in your arms for hours.
Just cuddle and talk about anything random as possible.
I want that right now.


I was gonna make a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but NaH.
This quote does not exist.

I wonder
if I ever caught someones attention.
Even if I was just walking among the crowd,
I wonder if they wanted to get to know me
or anything like that...

She thinks she’s ugly.
He thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.
She compares herself to other girls trying
to be the prettiest one there is.

He tries to show her that she doesn’t need to.
She thinks she’s fat.
He tells her she’s beautiful the way she is.
She thinks she’s not worth it.
He shows that he’ll always be there for her no matter what.
She thinks too low of herself.
He brings her up by showing her love, care, compassion each day.