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Heyy! I'm Mandy... I LOVE dancing and playing volleyball I also enjoy acting and singing... I love country music and Hip hop and R&B... Lets see.. School- I like passing time because you get to tlk to your friends and I like lunch because you get to talk to your friends!! I have a ton of friends and love to hang out with them and I love kevin because hes the sweetest guy anyone could ever have!!! :-)!!! And hes soooo cute!!! I love my cell and my cptu! $hopping is a must!! And going out with my best friend allison is something I do a LOT!!! Hmmmm nothing much that i can think of... I'll write more lata!! Luvh ya!!! mandy

Quotes by xxLuvh4onexx

Baby...I'm AmAzEd by Y0o!!!
I know that everything about you is true
Maybe thats why i can't stop thinking of you
I've heard the things you say about me
And I can't belive I found someone so sweet
If we both like each other so much
And we know were ment to be
Lets stop the rumors and make them true
I'll be together forever with you

Luvh y0o kevin!!

xx mandy xx

sry guys i know all my quotes sux but i only write whats on my mind!!! LOL!!! I sux at quotes and all my quotes I wrote.... use them don't claim them!!! thanks!!!
((>> I know the ::Greatest:: guy who is there for me always *will* do __ANYTHING__ even if he knows he ;Can't; I just hope he ask 4 this one /*/Dance/*/ <<))

Luvh ya kevin

xx mandy xx
S-O-M-E times I **Dream** of the greatest guy alive.... The <<One>> who will pick me ^^up^^ off my feet Dry my "tears" fight my ~fears~ then I remember That guy ((is)).....*Mine*

Luvh ya kevin

xx mandyxx
I can't lie to you
all the things you hear are true
If you were to know three things about me I want it to be that.... 1...... I 2..... Luvh 3..... Y0o!!!

Luvh y0o kevin!

xx mandy xx
-:-I'll always remember the smile you gave
You were mixed in a crowd and started to F a D e
You were all by your self starring over at me
I was .... ChaNgEd-:-

Luvh ya kevin!!

xx mandy xx
I know what Yer FrIeNdZZ say but I wanna hear it from U Three words.... I LuVh Y0o!

Luvh ya kevin!!

xx mandy
I had it rough once before
But I know with you it won't happen any more
For the guy who played me didn't know the game
He though everything would turn back the same
But I moved on and hes still a jerk
At least with you baby I won't be treated like dirt
So look me in the eyes and tell me I'm alright
because you are the only man who ment it when he kissed me goodnight

luvh ya kevin!!

***If you like it use it but I made it so i don't wanna see it on any sites!!!

xx mandy
>>>When I'm having a B A D dayy I look in your EyEz and know I'm alright<<<

**Luvh ya Kevin!!

****If you like use it but I wrote it so please don't put it on any other sites!!! thanks!

I saw you in the hall starring at me,
Too bad I was carrless to see
To see what was behind this cute face
A Heart Breaker, Playa, And A liar.
Your still immature and crackin jokes about me
But I've moved on already havn't you see?
Next time I'll realize looks arn't all
Before I end up with sum1 who makes me feel like nothing at all

**To Zach luvh your CTDG u loser :-/

I luvh ya kevin!! Thanks for everything!!

xx Mandy