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My God's not dead,

He's surely alive! He's living on the inside,

roaring like a lion.


The worst decision anyone can make, is not making one.

*Rafiki hits Mufasa in the head.*
"What was that for?!"
Rafiki: Don't worry about it, it's in the past
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maybe he is just that one guy for you.
The one you are just meant for. The one who is just meant for you.

Don't commit yourself entirely to him, incase he isn't the one for you. 
But- don't move on entirely either.. you sound like you're crazy about this kid. he sounds like he's right for you.
-& Maybe, just *maybe*,
you two are


-words of wisdom from my big sister
i'd love it if she were right...♥

if  it's true that someone appears in your dreams because they want to see you,
boy you must be

cuz you're always in my dreams. pr

It's an amazinfeeling,
when someone says,
"You are the reason I'm still alive."
Something tells me that
us witty girls;
we were the first to own Taylor Swift's new album

What's with our generation?
Today on the bus, kids were talking about "porking." Do you know what that is? Neither did I. They talk about such stupid things. Seriously people, we are in 8th grade. Be kids. Know that you are beautiful without makeup. You are *more* than what's in your shirt. Don't let a guy take advantage of you. Because dearie, you are gorgeous. Don't sell yourself short.♥

It doesnt 
Matt er
Where, when, or why we met.
What matters is the fact that

we did. 

You're an  ex p e r t  at sorry,

and keeping lines blurry.