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Quotes by xxSlowlyLoosinHopexx

I've been on witty for over two years
and it's still my go-to when I'm upset.
I don't post much anymore
but I love to read all the new quotes.
I know this place has changed a lot 
but I would still like to say:
Thank you everyone for being wonderful <3

Isn't funny how day by day 
Nothing Changes 
but when you look back
Everything is Different
-C.S Lewis

I know things have finally caved in
when I can look at myself and say,
"I really am a terrrible person"
and know that it's completely true.
I like to sit here and laugh at the people that are just now going back to school.
I've been in school for a month.


But I guess if I love you I should let you move on.


Gee, thank you warning label!
I was actually considering using my new floor lamp in the shower.


It Amazes Me How You Can Be So Over Someone
Until They Walk Back Into Your Life.

                                                                 Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for
                                                                                        ends up being the one with the gun.


How to murder someone:
tell them you love them and never talk to them again.

It’s going to hurt today. 
It’s going to hurt tomorrow. 
It’s even going to hurt the day after that, too.

But one day I’ll wake up and it won’t hurt.

You have a part of my heart that I won’t forget.
I love you unconditionally.
Until the day you come back, I’ll be around.