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Quotes by xxSlowlyLoosinHopexx

Did You Know

That reading backwards for 20 minutes
burns the same amount of calories
as walking half a mile?



I've gotten three "Happy Thanksgiving!"  texts. One "Happy Turkey Day!" text... And then there's you.

Do Everyone A Favor
And Go See What It Smells Like Underwater


Don't F*ck With Me

I'm An Unsolvable Problem  


I'm not tall enough to ride your emotional rollar coster


What Time Is It?

Adventure Time!!!



Ya know, there are some days
When I Really Feel Like This Could Work
Like You And I Are Finally Gunna Get It Right

Then There Are Days Like Today
When You Make Me Want To Tear My F*cking Hair Out

Format by twilightgirl995

isn't it my turn to be loved?


  No one is perfect

 Until you fall in love with them 

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