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So, what are you drinking?
So, what are you popping?
So, what are you eating?
So, what are you dropping?
So, what are you smoking?
So, what are you sniffing?

So, how are you coping?



I'll put my faith into all of your


If it means you'll stay


Silence is a Girl's Loudest Cry
You can always tell when she's really hurt when she starts to ignore you


You know why he treats you the way he does?
Because you throw yourself on the ground 
Like a rug he can wipe his feet on.

The Simple Answer:You Let Him


my name is 

  what you'll be
    screaming later xD


My Music
Can say more about me 
than I ever could


Last night was his funeral
The last night I'd ever see that young face again.
The last night I'd actually be able to look at the face that held so many smiles.
Talk to him and not a picture.

It was so hard not to cry but I finally gave up and let the tears come.
I know you would want us all to be happy that you're in a better place.
You wouldn't want us crying.
I know you'd make everyone in this small town laugh and smile again
but you can't.
I'm sitting here with tears staining my cheeks
Wishing I could of said goodbye.
Even though I had never met your mother before last night,
I gave her a hug for you<3

Rest In Paridise Danyel
We all miss you
April 2, 1997 - August 25,2012


I just finshed finding clothes for a funeral
He was only fifteen... I had him in geometry.. I've known him since fifth grade. An ROTC member that never left a room without making one person laugh..  I wish I could tell you everything about him.
He was a fellow student and a good friend.
Today just about everyone in our school wore green becuase it was his favorite color.
Every shirt, every ribbon and every moment of silent gives me hope.

Rest In Paridise Danyel
I'll miss you
April 2, 1997 - August 25,2012

If anything, someone dying this young should make you open your eyes.
You don't have forever..
Nothing really goes the way you want it to but when have we every tried our hardest..
Everyday I see people give up on what they want the most..
I see people give up on their dreams and it breaks my heart worse than any boy ever could. Danyel had so many plans for his life and he would of made them happen and now they're just gone.. 

I'm afriad to see my friend laying in his casket </3

You're such a pretty pretty pretty pretty face
That turned into a pretty big waste of my time

Sleeping With Sirens<3

My Last Year 
At an actual high school

It's amazing for me to think that I'll be getting away from this town. Away from all the mistakes I've made and I'll be pretty much starting new.

It's good to think that I'll only be three hours away from home.

It's sad for me to think that I WON'T be graduating with the people I've gone to school with all my life. I'll only be with my friends and family on holidays.

It's scary to think that I'll almost be on my own. Living on campus and taking courses that I'm not used used to. That I could fail out if I don't try hard enough.


What hurts the most is knowing that more people
want me gone then seeing me at my school everyday. 


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