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Quotes by xxSlowlyLoosinHopexx

I love breathing

because every breath I breathe
proves I can live
 without you


you can't find the right person

you can't let go of the
wrong one


I  Want
 a die-hard,
notebook related,
heart breaking,
mind stopping

Summer Romance


The only guy worth Loving
is the one that takes the time
to be with you

I'm Sorry
Used to be all I could say to him
Now I say
Thank You
Thank you for showing me what it's like to really love someone. Thank you for showing me that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, if we're happy then it doens't matter. Thank you for being there, even when i was a total b*tch to you... which was most of the time. You were my shoulder to cry on, my ear when i needed to vent... You were my best friend... I'm through crying because it's over. This is me moving on... This is me facing my fears. This is me letting go of all of that anger I had towards you... All of that hate because you didn't want me back... All of that hate because you were befriending the only person in the world i could tell everything to, she was my bestfriend... Now she's yours... I was serious when I said ya'll would be cute... Ask Her. She likes you too. Thank you for wasting three years on something that was doomed  from the start. Thank you for talking to me these past two days and joking around... It means a lot... Thank you for making me smile... Thank you for making me cry.

Thank You For Making Me Stronger

Thank You
For Making Me.... Me



We're NOT Together
But he still has the power to

Break Me


You know your childhood is over
When you fall asleep on the couch and wake up

On The Couch


We're not perfect
 And we except that about each other
 Which makes things perfect to me(:


I love you with all my heart
 But the hardest part is
 I just can't love you back


Summer starts

Hello, swimming, shorts, staying up and out late, the beach, vacations, friends, summer romances, pool parties, sleeping in, no homework, no school, no drama, tanning, new people, sleep overs, movie nights, riding around town late at night, flip-flops, and fun!(:



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