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xxSlowlyLoosinHopexx's Favorite Quotes

Woah, take a step back and judge your life for a second
Do you like what you see?
Do you like who you are?
I don't, I'm angry all the time

The one person that makes me calm just walked back in my life.
This is the best I've felt in two years.
Katniss: Wake up in the morning feeling like a tribute

Gale: Hey, what up girl?

Katniss: Grab my arrows, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit the woods

Gale: Let's go!

Haymitch: Before we leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

Katniss: 'Cause when I leave for the Capitol, I ain't coming back

The Prep Team: I'm talking pedicure on her toes, toes

Cinna: Trying on all my clothes, clothes

Rebels: Snow blowing up our homes, homes

Johanna: Dress dropping, I hate being a tree

Johanna: Showing up some breasts to Katniss

Katniss: This is all making me a little bit tipsy

Plutarch Heavensbee: Don't stop, make it pop

The Victors: We'll blow the arena up

Katniss: Tonight I'mma fight

Peeta: 'Til we see the sun light

Wiress: TICK TOCK, this is clock!

The Victors: But the canons don't stop, no

Snow: oh oh oh, uh oh, oh oh uh oh 
“I was dying to hear someone say
That I didn’t need to try so hard to be perfect,
That I was enough and it was okay.”
If I were a boy 
I think I could understand 
How it feels to love a girl. 
I swear I’d be a better man. 
I’d listen to her 
Cause I know how it hurts,
When you lose the one you wanted 
Cause he’s taken you for granted 
And everything you had got destroyed<.3

If the boy who draws
let’s you look over his shoulder.
If the poet
and shows you her words.
If the girl who sings for the shower only,
hums a song
in front of you.
Know that you’re no longer a person
but the air
and dust
that fills their lungs.
When the world perishes,
and all things cease to exist,
you’ll remain inside an ink stain,
a paint brush,
a song.

i know how to do a lot of things.

  i know how to make paper dolls that stand in neat lines with their hands locked together.

i know how to bandage up a duckling's broken leg at just the right angle so the bone sets and the pain stops and it can learn to walk again on the palm of my hand

i know how to bake brownies that taste like heaven and smell even better than that

i know how to sit on the end of a bed and watch my father shake and bleed as his lungs give up on him and his heart gives out and his hands turn blue

i know how to sit in the bath and scrub myself raw because i am seven years old and i am very scared of waking up tomorrow and i am dirty from her hands on me

i know how to write good stories

i know how to sing babies to sleep no matter how hard they're crying

i know how to crawl under a table or a desk or a doorway in earthquakes and i know how to pick the broken glass out of my hair afterwards

i know how to calculate the interior and exterior angles of a regular polygon

i know how to play the piano

i know how to cry into his pillow and sink into his sheets and wish that he was just a little lighter on top of me

i know how to draw the other eye

i know how to do a lot of things
and they are important things
(even the bad ones).

i know how to do a lot of things
but no matter how hard i try
the one thing i've never managed to do
is kill me

(i can never quite figure out
if that's a good thing or not.).


Lady Gaga took a photo with and gave money
to a homeless man. He said, "But I smell." 
and she said, "Don't worry, I smell too." 


Me: I'm actually happy.  

Life: No,can't let that happen. Gonna throw

something bad in there.


The girl who cared too much was broken by the people who cared too little