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Anyone want to be online friends? whats your @ on social media? needing to people to talk with.
What does it really mean a guy says, I dont mind dating just to date? Do you think it's a waste of time?
Let me say this, I personally think you missed out on this goodness. You never took the chance to get to know me. You just judged by what you think you know. Think differently because I know you're incorrect on that.
I'm actually pretty great my love.
Has anyone taken anti-depressants for a long time? Can someone give advice on that? How was it? Does it really make you feel better? I'm thinking of going on them but I fear so. 
I'm cooped up in my feels and it's kinda hard to get out of it.
Partly I'm depressed because of him. To be honest, everywhere I go, something always reminds me of him. I go to a place and I remember the times that we had there. I see a similar car of his, I think of him. The list goes on. Another part is past memories. I was much more happier back then. It was calming and nothing could stop me. I am being stopped from enjoying life because of my sadness. All of this is my fault because I let the thought get to me. I hate myself for letting myself feel the way I do.
I seriously need new friends whether it be online or in person. Anyone want to be friends on Instagram? I go there more..
Heartbreaks are real. Breakups hurt. I can testify of that. How though, How can someone say they love you, how can someone say they will wait for you no matter how long the wait, and yet, they decide not to anymore. What happened? What happened to the love then? Heartbreaks are real. He doesn't truly love me like he said he did. But I was willing to do anything for him, love is real. I know what it means. I know the feeling, I know when you love someone, you fight for them. You would love them with a capacity of extreme love. Love is love and when you love someone, you love hard. I would invest myself to him, even I would give my life for him. That is how much he meant for me, because I loved him. But he didn't love me like he said he did. Now, we're over. I decided that we should end it. How can I move on from a breakup knowing that we still are connected somehow. I feel that it's best if we are far away from each other. To me, that is how I will heal. There is no other way, in my opinion. It hurts to know this. Love is no longer there for him anymore. And I am stuck thinking why? What happened? The guilt, did I do something wrong? What failed? If I knew I would've done something from the start, Baby! Don't leave please, let me fix this. It'll all wbe okay, I promise. We're long gone separate now. There is no turning back. Do I miss him? Yes. How do I feel? I feel depressed about it. My little heart hurts. Thinking of it all, I am still confused and sad. I am too dumb to believe such a smooth talker, in making me believe that I am loved by a man like that. So many red flags. Oh no, this is what I get. I'm silly.   Goodbye!